People First

Meaningful relationships by putting People First

  • Meaningful relationships
  • Powerful brands
  • Customer loyalty
  • Long-term change
  • Business transformation
  • Memorable experiences
  • Word of mouth
  • Innovative products
  • Customer insights
  • Meaningful relationships

The new challenge: Next generation experience design

Great customer experience leads to higher conversion rates, loyalty, and word of mouth marketing. The next generation of customer experience is about combining cutting edge technologies to create experiences that are magical, surprising and radically simple.

But it's our deep understanding of human needs and behaviour that turns new ideas into successful programmes. We call our approach People First.

Our work

See how we transformed the way Nationwide Building Society approaches digital projects

A scalable approach: Delivering quality at any scale

We’re successful at helping organisations integrate new ideas and services because we know what it takes to deliver at scale and at speed. Organisational change, branding, service design, programme management, and technical integration.

We know that some people wrap projects in budget-sapping process. Instead, we take a lean approach, finding nimble routes to delivering value.

Our work

See how we helped Bristol City Council put people at the heart of its digital service transformation

Sector focus: People First

We have deep expertise in four key sectors - financial services, e-commerce, public sector & not-for-profit, and travel & leisure.

Each of these sectors is undergoing profound changes. Each has unique challenges and opportunities. Each has important lessons to teach the others.

But while technologies, business models, and value chains change, we believe in one constant – the winning strategy is to put People First.

Our work

See how we help our clients in financial services, retail and the public sector

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