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Sorry, this position no longer exists or has been filled

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About cxpartners

Our clients tell us we’re unique - that we’re more than a design agency. We understand clients’ business, their technology, and their customers. And we help them fix the organisational issues that stop them from delivering great design.

The marketing manager is the ‘agency advocate’ for cxpartners, responsible for managing our reputation with our target audience members and the people who influence them.

We believe that our growth comes from the network of relationships that we build and maintain. The Marketing Manager helps develop cxpartners’ pipeline of work by feeding, growing, and nurturing those relationships at the times when we’re not working directly with people.

We believe in user centred design, so we want to talk to our clients to understand how best to market to them. The Marketing Manager will help us ‘design the experience’ of working with cxpartners - specifically, the ‘before’ working with cxpartners and ‘after’ parts of the journey.

The role

  • Understand our target audiences - who they are and how to speak to them.
  • Sharpen our company narrative (brand, proposition, elevator pitch, strapline, etc.) with clear, memorable, ownable language.
  • Map the user journey for our clients - in particular the ‘before’ (learning about us) and ‘after’ (advocating us).
  • Develop an overall marketing plan for the business and work with our pod teams to help them develop and execute their own plans in line with the overall plan.
  • Manage our marketing channels (currently: our website, Twitter, LinkedIn, email, and events) to align with their behaviour and our brand.
  • Ensure that our thought-leadership is turned into a flow of articles on our own channels and is amplified on third party channels.
  • Support cxpartners staff in writing blog posts by maintaining a blog calendar, giving authors briefs early enough for them to be able to respond, maintaining, publicising and enforcing a style guide, and writing some blog posts based on interviews with staff and clients.
  • Support cxpartners in entering and winning awards for its work and other activities (in particular by maintaining the awards calendar and identifying ways to promote our successes).
  • Help the Business Development Manager to maintain and grow cxpartners’ creds and case studies and ensure staff have easy access to these.
  • Curate cxpartners’ creds decks (via our monthly creds deck review meetings).
  • Stage occasional client events at our offices or other locations.
  • Identify speaking opportunities for cxpartners staff and support them in developing those opportunities into engagements.
  • Report marketing activity and performance to the rest of the business

Lines of reporting

The Marketing Manager works as part of the Business Development Team reporting directly to the Commercial Director and alongside our Business Development Manager and the leadership of each pod (an Experience Director who focuses on consultancy, and a Client Engagement Director who focuses on pipeline).

cxpartners is divided into a number of ‘pods’ of around 10-20 people which focus on a specific sector (Financial Services, Retail, and Travel & Public Sector). The pods are supported by the Operations Team, and the Business Development Team.

The Marketing Manager draws up cxpartners’ Marketing Strategy and helps the pods to draw up Marketing Plans in line with that Strategy.

Working at cxpartners

We’re a great place to work – you’ll love the environment, the people and the way the company looks after its staff. You’ll also get: a great package with a bonus scheme, 25 days holiday, benefits including a smartphone, a cash-back healthcare scheme, a pension plan to which we’ll contribute, a new MacBook and other kit as needed. cxpartners are committed to training and run an extensive training programme which will support both your individual needs and our business ambitions.

If you’d like to apply, please email with a brief CV.