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Sorry, this position no longer exists or has been filled

Please feel free to get in touch, though. We are always keen to meet good people : )

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Position summary

Our IT Manager helps us deliver great work by understanding our goals and behaviours, and by identifying and deploying tools that help us work more efficiently and effectively, both within cxpartners, and with our clients. The IT Manager also oversees data security, backups and disaster recovery at cxpartners. The role reports to the Financial Controller. Our shorthand for this role is ‘you’re responsible for everything at cxpartners that has a plug!’

Why it’s important to the business

The IT manager helps the business operate more efficiently whether that’s adding new capabilities, reducing the time it takes to share a file, or eliminating unnecessary business processes.

Hiring notes

We value the ability to measure outcomes (to demonstrate work is more effective or efficient) and deliver return on investment.

We want evidence of the ability to listen well, ask probing questions to get to the bottom of an issue,  and focus on human needs rather than gizmos: to begin by listening and understanding the needs of staff within cxpartners, to communicate clearly and get buy-in from staff.

The solutions this person favours should be simple, flexible and future oriented.

Cultural fit is key - we need someone who is personable, good with people and a great team member.

Your key responsibilities will be to:

Set up and manage all our laptops, mobile devices and other hardware, including setting up laptops for new staff, providing front-line IT support to all staff, supporting our user testing facility, and managing our server.

Maintain the software, passwords and licenses for all staff. Manage and maintain our backups.

Plan and manage IT Infrastructure in our Bristol and London offices and beyond. Ensure that Internet access, network security, backups, AV connectivity and printing are sufficient for the current needs of our offices in Bristol and London. Help our Finance and Ops team to negotiate contracts with suppliers. Working with our Finance and Op teams, anticipate and plan for the needs of the business as we grow (which may include moving offices, adding new offices and  setting up offices abroad).

Ensure that our IT infrastructure is secure, including providing ongoing audits of security risks and identifying ways in which we can improve security without impacting staff effectiveness or efficiency.

Support new business proposals and procurement processes by providing IT expertise, and work with the Finance Controller to ensure that we are compliant with all relevant legislation. In particular, help us move towards GDPR compliance in the near future.

Help us improve the communication channels between our Bristol and London offices, for example by setting up a video conferencing link - one that allows staff to quickly and easily see each other, share screens and work on sketches together.

In terms of your skills, we’re looking for someone who is:

An OS X Expert with experience of OS X Server

Great at laptop and connectivity troubleshooting

Knowledgable about Terminal and underlying OS X Technologies

Knowledgeable about Network Administration

Knowledgeable about IT security (firewalls)

Knowledgeable about DNS and website hosting

About us

We’re a great place to work – you’ll love the environment, the people and the way the company looks after its staff. You’ll also get a great package with 25 days holiday, benefits including a smartphone, a cash-back healthcare scheme, a pension plan to which we’ll contribute, a MacBook and other kit as needed.

cxpartners are committed to training and run an extensive training programme which will support both your individual needs and our business ambitions.

If you’d like to apply, please email with a brief CV.